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Zombie Makeup Tips

It’s not all about blood. Sometimes it’s about bruises.   Here are some tips to make your Halloween zombie makeup look really scary!

I like to save all the makeup I don’t like anymore in a special container that I use just for Halloween or costuming. It is usually much better quality makeup than the costume stuff you can purchase at Halloween stores, and it doesn’t cost you anything because you already own it! It’s a great way to re-purpose old makeup that you  otherwise never use.

To be the best looking zombie you can be, here are some tips:

  • Don’t over-whiten your face.  You want to look pale, but not like you’re wearing a mask. Blend it well down your neck and any other areas where your skin is showing. Be sure to blend it up into your hairline as well if you want to look realistic. And don’t forget your ears if they are showing.
  • Use some bright purple or red eyeshadow under your eyes to give a nice sunken bruised look. Most people just go for the black makeup, but trust me, you want a variety of colors.  Best colors for rotting flesh and bruises: black, purple, gray and dark green.
  • Forget mascara. You are trying to look sick and dead, remember? You want your eyes sullen. Don’t bother with eyeliner either. Seriously.
  • Use some fiber material such as Metamucil or oatmeal mixed with a little water for a thick paste to create areas of rotting flesh. Cover it with powder and then enhance with fake blood (corn syrup and food coloring), and with white rice to look like maggots crawling around in your wound.
  • Make areas of grey and purple, and some dark green eyeshadow on your arms, hands and face to highlight bruises.  Use a makeup brush to draw long veins on your arms and neck with purple or greenish tinted eyeshadow.
  • Create only a couple of strategic wounds instead of just dousing yourself in fake blood all over.
  • If you want to look like you came up out of the ground, add some decorative moss to your hair.
  • Get some black tooth wax to really change your appearance. Rub it on your teeth and your own friends won’t even recognize you anymore!  It comes off easily, so you don’t have to worry about it staining your teeth, and it usually costs about a dollar.
  • Hairspray can make your hair hold that hideous tease job you’re going to give it.
  • Most important: Stay in character!  Nothing sets off your zombie look like your behavior does!


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