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Cupcake nails

cupcake nailsThese cute cupcake nails turned out great!

They took a few steps to do, so you need some patience, but they are well worth it.

Before you start, give your nails a clear base coat. Then you are ready for the design.

First, paint the top part of your nail a background color that will contrast with the frosting. We chose a blue color. Then paint the bottom half of your nail with the cupcake paper color. We chose a red. See the inset photo at the left.

When that dries, you can add the stripes fro the cupcake paper using a dotting tool or a very thin brush. Use a similar but contrasting color. We used pink.

Next, add the white frosting using a thick layer of nailpolish.  When that dries, you can add different colors for the sprinkles using a dotting tool. Finish it off with a cherry using a dotting tool and red polish. Too cute!

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