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Fall Face Must Haves

As the experts have hemmed and hawed over the official look for this fall, it seems that the only thing they can agree on is that vibrant is in, unless you want a soft, natural look and then that’s totally in too. Although makeup tones and shades for the fall don’t necessarily match the season, playing around with vibrant tones for the eyes and lips seems to be perfectly acceptable.

Whether you are more comfortable with the softer rainbow shades of pastels like pink, lavender, and baby blue or the bold rainbow colors of indigo, green and red, you can find a look that works for you.

When it comes to eye shadows, the look seems to lean more towards a heavier liner on the top and light liner on the bottom followed by a burst of color on the lower lid alone. Thickly coated eyelashes also seem to be an in look as well. This technique will work for any color shadow, liner, or mascara, so play around and see what looks the best to you!

If you opt for the more natural look, follow the same techniques, but use softer brown or taupe instead of bold blacks and bright colors for liners and mascara.

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