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Mineral MakeUp

Mineral makeup is not a new phenomenon, but it does seem to be gaining in popularity since it first hit the market in the 1970′s. Although some people have pooh-poohed the mineral makeup craze, it does have some benefits and should be considered by most of us as a great makeup alternative. Mineral makeup seems to be more natural looking on most of us as long as it is applied correctly. Any makeup will looked caked on if it has been.

The most popular application method is the tap, swirl, and buff approach. Dip your brush into the powder, tap off the excess, swirl brush onto skin, and then buff to smooth and remove any excess. For more coverage, try using a flat top brush instead of a round one. For many, mineral makeup wears better than liquid makeup and feels lighter on their skin. Don’t be confused into thinking that mineral makeup is some all natural product.  Along with all other makeup, it contains minerals like zinc oxide which is synthetic and not natural.

Both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide (another ingredient in most mineral makeups) block sun physically so mineral makeup does offer some sun protection for days when you’re just running around. Zinc oxide also can help to calm irritated skin because of its anti-inflammatory properties. The key to mineral makeup is actually what it doesn’t contain like oils, dyes, and fragrances. For this reason, it seems to be a better choice for those with sensitive skin and is often recommended by dermatologist.

These missing ingredients mean that is doesn’t normally irritate skin like some cosmetics. Thanks to the boom in popularity of mineral makeup, it now comes in more products than just face powder and foundation. It now also comes in bronzers, blush, eye shadows, and even lipsticks.

Mineral makeup is definitely worth a try the next time you restock your cosmetics drawer.

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