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Lip Liner – its not what it used to be

Many people feel that lip liner is a make-up tool of days gone by, but that is far from true. Lip liner is a very useful tool that more of us should take advantage of.

Now, when I say “lip liner” I’m not talking about a bright red or pink ring of color that surrounds where you want you lips to be in a perfect world. I’m talking about a finishing tool that allows you to define the lip area and keep lip color in place longer. Lip liners can help define lips and keep your lip stick, stain or gloss from feathering out into those fine lines. Trust me, that’s not a good look for anyone.

When lining your lips, be sure that the pencil is sharp but not pointy. Start at the center and draw a smooth line up, following the natural shape of your lips. Go slowly and strive to make one continuous line around the bottom lip and another continuous line across the top sides. When finished, fill in the lips lightly with the pencil, powder, then add your lip color of choice. Using a natural shade of lip liner is much more versatile and can even go it alone with just a little gloss.

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