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Look Like a Celebrity

If you would like to have that youthful glow like Taylor Swift or Hayden Panettierre, you can!

Start by staying well-hydrated. That seems to be the number one celebrity tip or trick. Next, keep skin care natural by using plant based products that help keep skin healthy.

As for the makeup:  Apply cream blush to the apples of the cheeks and then dust the entire face with a bronzer. A sheer, dewy foundation will also give a glistening glow when topped with a bronzer. Keep eyebrows neat and plucked to perfection. This creates a well-groomed and styled look. It’s easier to leave this to the professionals and just go have your brows done.

For the eyes, heat an eyelash curler under hot water, pat dry and curl lashes before applying multiple coats of mascara or even false lashes. This gives the appearance of volume and opens up the eyes. When it comes to the lips, use one of two methods. Option one applies bright lipstick just to the inner parts of the lips and blends it out with a clear balm. Option two applies a darker shade of lipstick all over then tops it off with a lighter or shimmering gloss on the inner parts of lips.

If you can pull it all together, and wear a confident smile as your best accessory, then you are ready for the red carpet!

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