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So Many Eye Liners to Choose From!

free eyeliner makeup sampleWhen choosing an eye liner, there are several options. There is the standard pencil, liquid liners, and gel liners. It depends on your own style and comfort. While liquid liners might provide a more dramatic look, gel liners are typically easier to apply accurately. The eye pencil is also easy to control but may fade or smudge throughout the day. Using a bit of eye shadow can help the staying power of any eye liner. MAC carries several eye liners in liquid, gel, and pencil form that have been rated as some of the best at fairly reasonable prices.

There are also some great options at your local drugstore for a good price such as Maybelline?s Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner and Wet ?n? Wild?s Megaliner. Once you have decided on the type of liner you prefer, experiment with different colors for different occasions. For daytime at work or home, taupe and brown tend to be more natural looking and create definition for the eye without looking overdrawn. At night, black and bold colors like purple and blue create a dramatic effect that really stands out in a crowd. As always, play around with your makeup and see what you like the best!

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1 Constance Jurkovich { 10.11.12 at 4:59 pm }

I am going through chemo and have lost my eyelashes. False eyelashes do not stay on because of the constant watering of my eyes from the chemo. Which eyeliner do you recommend (besides waterproof) for those of us without eyelashes?

2 Lucija Tomas { 10.11.12 at 6:11 pm }

I just use my regular make up ,I hope and pray that you will be ok ….

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Laurel Smith