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A Cleaner Clean for your Skin

With all of the make-up available, there has to be a better way to remove all of that without irritating even the most sensitive of skins. Neutrogena may have finally provided just that. Their new Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser has modified polymers that are too big to get under the skin’s surface and actually attach themselves to dirt and make-up for a better clean.

Dermatologists are recommending the product because of the way it rinses completely from the skin without any sticky soap residue. Consumers like the extra lather that it creates, which always makes us feel more clean. Who doesn’t associate the amount of suds to the level of clean achieved?

The product claims to calm the skin and keep redness, tightness, and dryness at bay. Plus it will take off all of that eye make-up you applied before going out. Give it a scrub and see what you think!

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Laurel Smith