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The Easy Morning Routine for the Everyday Face

No matter how old you are or what profession you have, a simple but classic look is always a good idea. Mornings aren’t for all of us and some have themselves and others to get ready and out the door in the morning. For a simple routine that will have you putting your best face forward everyday, follow these simple steps:

1. Clean, exfoliate, and tone first thing to start the day right. There are great products that even contain a hint of citrus to help energize you in the mornings. Cleansing and exfoliating can be done with one product; just be gentle and don’t scrub too hard. Follow up with a gentle toner. Witch hazel is still a classic toner that won’t dry and isn’t overly harsh.

2. Hydrate and protect before applying any make-up. Age-fighting and age-defying moisturizers are available with sun protection and a slight tent. These are great timesavers and good for the skin. If you’re not old enough for any “age” related products, be sure to at least include an SPF 15 moisturizer in your routine.

3. Bronzing mineral powders and soft blushes. Apply the bronzer all over and then give the cheeks a dab of color just out from the apple of the cheek and blend well. Soft peaches and pinks work best for everyday.

4. Eyes only need a little shimmer in light creams and golds for the lid then accent with a taupe or light brown in the crease and outer lid. Blend gently.

5. Brown and taupes are the most natural looks for eyeliners and mascaras and can be used on the tops and bottoms to create definition without drama.

6.Finish off the look with soft pink lipsticks or balms. Avoid heavy glosses or products with a lot of shimmer to keep the look professional.

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