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Eye Liner Tips

eye liner tipsEye liner is an essential makeup product for most of us. It helps to create a defined eye that can either stand out boldly or be soft and natural looking. Knowing what look you desire will help you choose the product and decide how to apply it.

For a more natural look, use an eyeliner pencil in a softer shade like charcoal or brown. Sharpen the pencil, and then light lightly touch the point against your hand. Apply the eyeliner using either small dots as close to the lashes as possible. Line both the upper and lower lashes. Using a small brush or sponge tip applicator, blend the dots into the lash line.

For a more dramatic look, use a liquid eyeliner in a bold color or jet black. The dot method can be used for this application as well but will need to be repeated after the first blending. Using a solid line from corner to corner creates a more defined look, but still needs to be blended into the last line. Once the liner has been applied, try blending with a little bit of eye shadow. This will help keep the liner from smudging and adds more color and definition to the eye.

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