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Wipe Out! Wipes for Almost Every Beauty Need

It is amazing how far the beauty world has come in the last few years. It seems like there is a short cut for just about everything and the world of wipes is a fantastic one! Not only are there great products out there to remove makeup, cleanse, and exfoliate skin (like Simple’s line of all natural cleansing cloths), but there are also whole new lines of wipes and sheets hitting the market for all of your beauty needs.

L’Oreal is now among the many offering self-tanning sheets that eliminate the excess globs and patches that our sunless tanners use to leave on us. But if you decide you would actually like to soak up some real rays, try the Shady Day or MD Moms sunscreen wipes in a variety of SPF levels. Hair sheets by Tom Gibson or Chic can help tame fly-away’s and give your hair a more finished look.

You can also remove polish with worrying about spills and where the cotton balls are now with Cutex’s nail polish remover pads.

Not only do all of the wipe options work, they wipe out the clutter and refuse from bulky plastic bottles and packaging. So you can look good and feel good about your eco-stamp too!

Did you know that Amazon has tons of cool makeup products?

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