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Great Hair Days Everyday

We’ve all seen the celebs who seem to be constantly sporting that straight from the salon hair everyday. How is this possible? Hair looks and feels great when you leave the salon chair, but how do we keep it like that until the next visit?

Here’s how:

1. Start in the shower with your shampoo and conditioner. Using products that are meant to heal and repair hair are great once in a while, but don’t use them everyday. Keep shampoos and conditioners basic and light so that you don?t weigh hair down. This will help maximize your volume later as you style.

2. After towel drying hair, spritz it from the roots to the tips with a volumizer. Also, it can be helpful to reapply a little extra volumizer to individual sections of hair as you blow dry.

3.Section hair off when blow-drying to get the most volume. Start by drying the lower, underneath section first and work your way towards the crown.

4. Finish the look with a shine or sleek product but only use a small amount. Work the product in your hands first to emulsify it, then add it to the ends and work up your hair. Stop before getting too close to the roots.

If you still find that you’re not achieving the volume you really want, consider adding some hair extensions. These come in all hair types and shades now and can add instant volume by either being sewn or glued in. Talk to your stylist if this is an option for you.

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