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Caring for your Cosmetics

Good cosmetic care prolongs life of your products and improves application, giving you the best results possible. Depending on what line or type of cosmetics you use, some of them should be completely replaced every six months, especially if they are “wet” type products like liquid foundation, lip gloss, or mascara. Mark the date on the bottom of the container to help you remember.

Over time, bacteria builds up in the cosmetics and can lead to acne and skin irritations, plus the makeup itself will start to breakdown and deteriorate. To help cut down on the bacteria growth and keep your cosmetics healthy for your use, be sure to

(1) wash your hands before applying makeup,

(2) tighten lids completely after each use to help preserve the contents, and

(3) don’t share your makeup with anybody, ever. We’re all guilty of doing it, but sharing makeup can lead to the spread of different bacteria and infections.

In addition to keeping your cosmetics clean and well-cared for, it’s also important to look after the tools you are using in your beauty routine. Makeup brushes are a haven for bacteria and build up. Follow these simple steps for good brush care

*Wipe off or shake out brushes after each use. You can use a tissue to wipe the brushes off but be sure that you don?t pull on the bristles.

*Store brushes in a bag or container to prevent dust buildup. Be sure to store them either flat or upright to help keep their shape.

*Wash brushes monthly with warm water and mild shampoo (baby shampoos works well for this). Rinse thoroughly. Reshape and lay flat to dry.

*Clean lipstick brushes after each use

*Don’t share brushes. Just like with cosmetics, this can lead to the spread of bacteria and cause acne.

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