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Facial Hair Removal

For many of us, dealing with unwanted facial hair seems like a never ending battle. Whether it?s unruly eyebrows, fuzz above your lips, or those stray whiskers on your chin and neck, facial hair is not a good look for any lady. Thankfully there are many, many options for removing that hair and creating a smooth, gorgeous look. Hair can be removed by waxing, threading, tweezing or chemical removers. It is never recommended to shave facial hair because it will come back in darker and thicker.

Having a professional take care of the hair is usually easier, but can get a little pricey for some. There are lots of at-home hair removal options. Nads facial wax strips are easy to use and come with an after-waxing serum to help clean and soothe skin. Not all of us are comfortable ripping wax strips off of our faces though, and more often than not, there is still tweezing to do for a complete job.

Chemical hair removers are easy to use and seem to do a thorough job. Both Nair and Sally Hansen have at-home options that are very inexpensive, but can irritate skin. Olay also now has an at-home hair removal system that doesn’t seem to cause the skin irritations that other products do, but costs a little more.

No matter which product you choose, be sure to do a skin test before applying to your face. Always follow the product instructions and listen to what your skin is telling you. When in doubt, stop using the product and remove with cool water. Good luck with whatever method you choose!

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