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Hot Messes Can Hit the Road!

Whether you are packing for a tropical vacation or gearing up for another hot summer at home, be sure to avoid looking like a hot mess while enjoying the sun and summertime. Warm weather brings out excess oil in our hair and skin as a protection mechanism from the sun and environment. To help alleviate looking like you’ve spritzed with baby oil from head to toe, try some oil-absorbing products while applying less to your look.

Start with an oil-absorbing toner to clean your face and remove hidden oil from pores that the warm weather will draw out. Follow that with an oil-free foundation applied only to the nose area and then blend it out to the cheekbones and lower forehead. Always avoid any foundation or excess lotions along the hairline where you will perspire the most.

Finish the face with an oil-absorbing powder with a minimum SPF of 15. For the eyes, most make-up will melt as the day heats up, so less really is more. Waterproof mascara along the top lashes is usually plenty for an everyday look as is a tinted lip balm containing SPF. Protect your skin and keep the make-up simple to avoid looking like a hot mess whether you’re on the beach or in the backyard.

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