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How to Look Picture Perfect

As much as we would all love to look like a cover girl, most of us are rarely thrilled with how we look in pictures. Here are some celebrity hints to help you look great for your next portrait sitting or night out that ends up on Facebook.

If your hair never seems full enough, try adding some extensions to boost the volume. The majority of celebs either have them glued or sewn in.

When applying mascara, apply what is on the wand to a mini-fan brush and then to your eye lashes. This will help you coat each individual lash without any clumps. Always apply a sheer lip balm right before pictures or lick your lips at the very least. The extra shine will help your look.

When posing, stand at an angle to the camera but make sure to turn your face toward your photographer. This will slenderize your body and elongate your neck.

To make your arms look more shapely and present a certain amount of confidence or attitude, place hands on hipbones but not at the waist.

Finally, try to be shot from above. This upper angle will help you avoid that dreaded double-chin and make you appear thinner.

Following these few simple tricks will have you picture perfect for every shot!

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