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Makeup Tips for Smokin’ Eyes

This year, many of us are trying to achieve that ever-popular smoky eyes look.  We see it in multitudes of commercials and all over the red carpet.  How do you create that smoldering look at home?  Easy!  Start by blending a light shade of eye shadow across the entire lid from the lash line to the brow bone.

Next, apply a darker eye shadow to the outer corners of the lids and along the lower lash line forming a sideways V shape.  To create an even more dramatic effect, use darker shades of blues and purples (as long as they complement your natural eye color).  After applying eye liner to the upper and lower lash lines, start smudging.  Smudge it good!

Don’t go too crazy smudging though or you will to look like a raccoon.  Finish off this dramatic look with a couple of coats of mascara to the top and bottom lashes.  You’ll be smokin’!

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April 13, 2011   1 Comment

Looking like the Stars

When award season rolls around, everyone wants to look just like their favorite celebrity after seeing them on the red carpet. They have all the glamor down perfectly. The beautiful outfit, perfect hair, gorgeous makeup, and probably a cute purse to match! Sometimes emulating them can prove to be extremely hard and really expensive.

If you have a party coming up, and you want to look exactly like your favorite celeb, look at a few photos of the look you like. Now break it down into parts. What is it exactly that you like?

If you like the color of their outfit, don’t stress about finding a dress or outfit in a similar style. Just go for that color you liked so much. For example, if Anne Hathaway wore a gorgeous red dress and you liked it for the shade, try another style of dress in that same stunning red. The same thing goes for any accessories! Sometimes focusing on one element like this can really help you turn out a great lookalike style without all the cost.

As for hair and makeup, don’t worry about dying your hair. Do you really want to change your hair color just for one party? Instead, why not just try to recreate how they had it styled? Play with your hair and see what works for you, while still keeping the feeling of that celebrity in the back of your mind. Makeup is the same way! Use their basic color palette, but add your own touches to it.

Stars are great for inspiration, but in the end, to look like a star yourself, always make their looks your own.

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How to talk to your Hair Stylist

How many times have you left your hair salon with a hair style that you’ll never be able to recreate at home? Or worse, have you ever returned home to realize that your hair cut is not at all what you wanted?

First, Speak up before you get started!

Don’t let your hair stylist talk you into something you really don’t want. Mine frequently wants to thin my hair. Personally I like my hair thicker. It’s a personal preference. I believe my stylist has a personal preference for thinner hair. Well, he doesn’t have to look at it every day — I do. On a couple of occasions, I have let him thin it a little and I agree that it looks ok, but once or twice I let him just have his way with my hair and ended up hating it for a long time until it grew back.

Second, Have some idea of what you want before you get there. If you have no idea, your stylist will have no choice but to come up with something on the spot, which may not fit your lifestyle as well as you would like.

Finally, really communicate with your stylist. I have found that if I really talk to him about what I want and make sure that he really understands, then I always walk away happy. This is why I am a repeat customer. Know what you like and don’t be afraid to ask for it. Your stylist wants your business, and therefore he wants you to be happy with your hair!

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Choosing the Right Makeup Brushes

Sometimes when applying makeup, we aren’t getting the look that we want. You need a variety of makeup brushes that will help you achieve your goal. There are fluff brushes, angled brushes, shadow brushes and even bronzer or blush brushes. Be sure to tap off any excess makeup before applying it to your skin, when using just about any brush.

Brushes with natural horsehair or other natural hair instead of artificial bristles tend to hold onto the hairs better and shed less. The tips should be soft and very flexible.

Brushes are a good investment because you will use them for many years if you take care of them and keep them clean. They will be worth their weight in gold and you will more than get your money’s worth.

A local beauty supply store, or even the grocery store may have brushes that will suit your needs.

October 21, 2009   Comments Off

Choosing a Lipstick for your Pig

Choosing the right color lipstick for your pig is not as easy as it may seem. Pig lipstick comes in many shades. So, where do you begin?

Start with the color of your pig’s complexion. If you have a pink pig, it’s easy — choose a very bright shade from the pink color family. Black pigs will look more lovely if you choose a shade from the red color family. Things become less clear when you have a dual or tri-colored pig such as those black and white pigs. You may want to stick with more neutral browns, peach or coral shades in that case.

Whatever you choose, your pig will now look lovely and will feel great knowing you care about her so much. You’ll boost her confidence like you can’t imagine. Mwah!!!

(Happy April Fool’s Day)

April 1, 2009   1 Comment

Blushing for Real not TV

Choosing a blush color can be tricky. You want to pick something that looks natural. Try pinching your cheeks to see what color you really get. Then try to pick a color close to that. If you would never naturally blush in orange or purple, then don’t buy it!

It also helps to keep blush make-up color in the same color family as your lipstick, although this doesn’t mean the same color (see the remark about purple and orange!). Think about browns, pinks, and red. However, it’s much more important that your cheek color compliment your skin tone, than your lipstick color.

The purpose of blush is to add color to your face, not to contour your face and try to reshape it. Reshaping and contouring used to be a popular fad with blush, but now it’s just for people who appear on the tv through a camera.

You are a real person, you need your color to look real. Then you can look your best!

March 18, 2009   Comments Off

Celebrities without makeup

Here’s how they look with and without their makeup. Some of them look pretty scary, although we all have those days and I’m sure the photographers caught them at a bad moment. Some of them look ok. Most of all, they just seem to look like pretty normal people without their makeup. It just goes to show you what a big difference some good makeup can make!

December 27, 2008   Comments Off

Tyra’s Makeup Routine

Here’s a clip from Tyra’s tv show where she shows you how to go from fresh washed to fabulous in just minutes using her own personal makeup routine. I love seeing her unmade face at the beginning of this. She’s a regular gal!

See Part Two of Tyra’s makeup routine here.

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Smokey Eyes Makeup Tip

I found a great video that demonstrates how to create a smokey eyes effect using three makeup brushes and three eyeshadow colors. Listen carefully to which brush he is using at each step. The “window wiper” application is very effective!

Three brushes: smudge brush, blender brush, flat shadow brush
Three eye shadow colors: Dark, light, and medium tone (use black for the dark)
You will also need an eyeliner pencil.

The only thing I don’t recommend is the way the makeup artist is pulling and stretching the model’s face to apply the makeup. That kind of treatment to her skin will end up causing more wrinkles in the long run. It’s not necessary to do in order to get this effect. Be gentle on your skin, especially around your eyes. Skin is made to stretch, but be reasonable if you want to preserve what youth you have left!

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