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Makeup Tips to look Younger

Young and Simple.  Who wouldn’t like to look a little younger?  To create the illusion of youth for your eyes, go with a much simpler eye make-up approach.  Start by lining the upper and lower lashes a bit heavier than normal and then smudge to create a soft, shadowy effect.  Keep the eye shadow simple by using a highlight color with a little shimmer to it like gold or silver.  Only apply the eye shadow to the middle section of the lids and then spend some time blending the soft color outward.

To finish off this youthful look, apply a couple of coats of lengthening mascara to the top lashes only.  Experiment with some of the new shimmery products on the market today like mascara with “diamond” dust or shimmering effects.  To open the eyes up a bit more and enhance the youthful, doe-eyed look, apply a small amount of white or silver eye shadow to the innermost corners of the eye and blend slightly.

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January 12, 2011   1 Comment

Eyebrow Maintenance

Eyebrows can be such a mystery to women. Figuring out your shape is tough, deciding on how you want to remove the hair is awful, and even understanding how to take care of them can be a chore. Do you brush them when you put on your makeup? How often should you remove the hair? Do they need cleaned? Well, let’s see..!

Should you brush your eyebrows? Yes! It sounds silly, but taking an eyebrow brush and running it backwards along your brows, and then smoothing them back out can really add definition to your shape. The results are instant, and you might be surprised!

How often should you remove the hair? If you pluck your eyebrows, you can freely pluck the pesky hairs away as they grow back. If you wax, you’ll need to wait until the hair reaches a certain length, which differs between wax types. There is no set time amount, it all depends on what you can stand.

Do you need to clean your brows? Well, they usually get cleaned pretty nicely when you wash your face or while you’re in the shower! They don’t absolutely need to be washed, but it definitely can’t hurt them! In fact, some people say that conditioning them like you would your hair does wonders for them. This is also up to personal preference.

Eyebrows are one of those facial features that many women just don’t understand, but don’t worry! They’ll look gorgeous in no time!

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Cream Eye Shadow vs. Powder

Eye shadow is one of those things that people can be very picky about. Some people swear by powders, while others say that nothing can beat a good cream. Both can be good for different occasions, and if you haven’t used one or the other, I suggest you try.

Powders are the better known type, and are what most people think of when they hear the word eye shadow. You need a brush to apply them, and the blending can be a bit tough if you’re not used to doing it. On the other hand, creams can be applied with your fingers and blend smoothly, but are thicker and don’t always feel as nice.

If you decide to use a powder, it will look light and feminine. The downside is that it may end up looking splotchy, depending on the brand. To keep it simply looking pretty and feminine, try applying a primer beforehand. You don’t need to go expensive for this, either!

On the other hand, if you want a cream, it will look very smooth and, well, creamy! With this type, the downside is that it can go on too heavy or dark. Remember to only apply a tiny bit at a time, and to blend! You will be an expert in no time.

Both types of eye shadow have their advantages and disadvantages, and it all comes down to which one feels the best to you. You can find ways to be beautiful with each one, no matter your preferences.!

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Blending Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow is an everyday thing for many people, and at first glance it is hardly something to be worried about. You pick a color that goes well with what you are wearing or your skin tone, and simply brush it on. That’s it, time to leave! Right? Well, that could be the end to a wonderful eyeshadow story, but sometimes it leaves people wishing for more.

One thing that eyeshadow wearers forget very often is that blending goes a very, very long way. It can be as easy as blending the eyeshadow in to the rest of your makeup to create a very smooth look, or it can be more complex; such as blending two or more shades together. Either way,  it will get rid of the rough edges.

Have you ever noticed how some eyeshadow stands out and looks like a piece of the puzzle went missing? This is what blending will fix! Simple use a small brush to smooth it out, letting it mix into the surrounding colors or makeup. Be careful not to blend too high or too much on either side though! If you decide to use multiple shades, it works exactly the same. A painter wouldn’t forget to blend each shade of blue in an ocean, would he? Of course not; that would look silly!

The next time you pull out your eyeshadow brush, just remember that; your eyelid is your canvas. Blend, blend, blend!

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Turning Day to Night

If you have a short period of time between work and a party or just can’t quite take the time to completely redo your makeup, don’t worry!  Turning your daytime look into a night-time look is surprisingly easy, once you get the hang of it.  It is almost entirely in the eyes.

First, you need to pick out an eyeshadow that is just a few shades darker than the one you wore during the day. Don’t switch to another color, that would add an extra step! Brush it on in thin layers, until you achieve the darkness you prefer.  A tiny bit of dark eyeliner smudged underneath your eyes (and just a tiny bit!) will help add to the dramatic transformation.

Next, add a fresh layer of mascara to your lashes, and a bit of color to your lips. That’s it! In three easy steps, you have successfully turned an everyday look into a gorgeous dramatic one.  Time to hit the clubs; have fun!

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Halloween Makeup tips

I know Halloween is over, but I learned quite a bit this year when I was applying my make up, and I wanted to share what I learned. Perhaps you can put it to use next year.

This year, I was a zombie. Not just a “recently killed” zombie like the ones from the new movie Zombieland, but a genuine — risen from the grave — kind of zombie. I even attended a class on how to do zombie makeup to make it look “authentic”.

For starters, skip the grease paint that they sell in the grocery stores this time of year. It just looks fake. You’ll do much better with a base of very light, or even white grease paint, but then top it with a white powder. Then, start your shadows and bruises with black eyeshadow and a good brush. Put a touch of purple underneath your eyes, and fill in some of the “bruising” with green and purple in addition to the black shadow. Don’t make the mistake of doing yourself up so that you are mask-like. Instead, be sure to get the makeup well into your hairline, and down your chin, and in fact all over your chest or arms or anywhere your skin is showing. Don’t forget your ears too. Add some dried moss to your messy hair for a finished look.

If you top it all off with some fake blood, you’ll be good to go scare!!

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Sunglasses will Preserve your Beauty!

Sunglasses will help you in many ways, besides the obvious of just looking good in your shades!

It’s not a good idea to apply sunscreen on your eyelids or very close to your eyes since it can cause irritation in your eyes themselves. So, you need some way to protect this very delicate skin. Eye shadow can help to block some UV rays, but in direct sunlight, you really need much more than that.

Proper UV sunglasses will actually shield the skin around your eyes from UV radiation, which is what causes most sun damage in the first place. Even more importantly, sun glasses will help prevent you from squinting in bright outdoor light which is what can give you those age-telling “crow’s feet”. Continued squinting causes more wrinkles than almost anything next to smoking, or sun damage.

Not only will sun glasses help preserve the skin around your eyes, but you can certainly take that fashion step that makes you look good wearing them!

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Beautiful in Glasses or Contacts

Can your glasses be a fashion statement? Or are you just better off ditching them and wearing contacts all the time to give access to your eyes?

Glasses can definitely be a fashion statement. They can come in handy if you want that sultry, sexy, studious look. You can change your frames and have different styles. Choose frames that fit your face shape. This is extremely important, and much easier if you bring a friend with you when you are choosing them to give and outsiders’ opinion. Or, rely on the experience of the frame fitter at the optometry office to help choose a frame to flatter your face. Sometimes it’s worth a little bit more money to get the frames that truly do look the best and are flattering so that you don’t get hung up and feeling like a “four eyes”.

One little known advantage to wearing glasses occasionally, is that they can help hide circles under your eyes when you are tired! Of course, if you get your beauty sleep, this won’t be necessary!

Contacts do help you see better overall though, especially your peripheral vision. You could have fun and experiment with different eye colors. It is a little easier to apply makeup when you are wearing contacts as well.

In short, you can be beautiful in either glasses or contacts. The important thing it to make the most of your options

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Makeup Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

Choose contact lens-friendly makeup, especially mascara. Some mascara has small fibers in it to make lashes longer, but they can really irritate your lenses. Generally waterproof mascara is difficult to use with contacts as well.

Begin your makeup routine by putting in your contacts first, and then applying makeup. This will keep you from accidentally messing up all your makeup, and it will also allow you to see better while you are doing it!

Always remove your contacts first, before removing your makeup at the end of the day. This will keep your lenses clean and your eyes comfortable while you are washing your eyes with a gentle cleanser or makeup removing pads.

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Beauty Tips for Camping

This should be a no-brainer. It’s a pool, so you want waterproof, right?! Well, actually you may just want to skip most of the makeup all together and just get over it. If you can’t bear the thought of appearing with a naked face, then keep it to a minimum: waterproof eyeliner and mascara.

Consider that you will probably have some big sunglasses to make yourself radiant and protect those baby blues (or browns as your case may be!).

I do recommend some long wearing lipstick such as Covergirl Everlast. This will also help protect your lips from sun.

Wearing your hair up in a pony tail or a clip is a good idea. It will help you keep cool and keep it under control. More than anything else, just do not let yourself get too much UV radiation. The damage will show up on your skin years later, not now.

Now break out your best swim suit and hit the beach looking your best!

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