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Quick Summer Pool Makeup Tips

If you’re heading to the pool for an afternoon, you want to look as fabulous as ever, and you don’t want to end up with raccoon eyes as your mascara and other makeup runs down your face from pool water, or just sweat even if you’re not swimming!

Start by keeping makeup at the pool to a minimum, but that doesn’t mean you have to go bare faced. Skip the foundation and the blush. Use a waterproof eye pencil and mascara. Next, use some all day lip color that will not wash off in the water. These all day lip colors are the greatest beauty invention ever, in my book! A beautiful lady never goes anywhere without at LEAST her lipstick! Above all, be sure to put your sunscreen on before you leave the house because even a few minutes of sun exposure on your skin can cause permanent damage that adds up over time. Do not make the common mistake of waiting until you get to the pool to apply your sunscreen.

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Eyebrow Shaping Tips

The worst thing you can do for your eyebrows is go overboard. Over-plucking results in an unnatural look and takes a very long time to grow out. Some people, especially those who have thin eyebrows to begin with, never regrow their over plucking mistakes and end up drawing in their eyebrows for the rest of their lives. NOT a good look when you are older, which you will be someday (hopefully!).

Cleaning up your natural brow is really the only plucking/waxing that should ever be done. You have to work with what you have. Trying to force a new shape onto your eyebrows will not compliment your face.

A huge mistake many beginners make lands them the “tadpole” eyebrow look. This is where they have a big thicker brow towards the nose, and a thin tiny tail following it all the way back. This is overplucked! Another huge mistake is “boomerang” brows. These are pointy at the top instead of nicely arched.

What you should do: Clear up the space between your eyebrows for starters and lose the uni-brow, without putting too much space between them. More space between the brows tends to make the eyes look farther apart which is NOT usually a good thing, unless you have very close eyes to begin with. Then clean up all the stray hairs above and below your natural eyebrow. This will be the best look for you. The underside of the eyebrow usually requires more frequent maintenance than the top. Finally, trim up remaining hairs that are especially long. Come them down and then shorten them with a small pair of eyebrow scissors.

More than anything, you want to appear natural, otherwise it just draws (unwanted) attention to the wrong areas.

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Blue Eyeshadow – Yay or Nay?

I saw a question on Yahoo Answers recently that asked guys if they would date a woman who wore blue eyeshadow. The answers were varied, but most guys really didn’t care because all they really wanted was a date. Probably not the best venue for a good opinion.

OK, so … blue eye shadow.

Point:It can be sexy if it’s done right. It looks best on someone with brown eyes. It helps draw attention to the eyes rather than the makeup. That’s the whole point of makeup! Think about it. At he grocery store, many fruits are displayed atop complimentary colors. You do not see oranges atop orange display cases, or apples on red ones. Blue eyes do not need blue eyeshadow. It looks best if it’s done in combination with some other shades, not just one blue color all on it’s own.

Counterpoint: This always seems to be the first color that young pre-teens go for when they are experimenting with makeup for the first time. They don’t understand yet that the make up is not supposed to “look” like they are wearing makeup. It is also closely associated with the “trailer park” and in general can be associated with less educated or very young girls. Don’t just slap it on there because the blue eyeshadow looks so pretty in the container. It has to go on your face!

Whatever you do, choose your eyeshadow color to enhance your eyes, not to match your dress.

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Shimmer Makeup

Shimmer makeup products are perfect for highlighting specific areas. It will draw attention to the area, so make sure you don’t use it on areas that you don’t want to glow, like crow’s feet, neck waddle, or forehead. Use it high on your cheekbones over blush, on your eyes at the brow bone, or on your shoulders if you are wearing a dress that exposes some skin. It is best used in the evening.

If you use a brush to apply your shimmer, be sure to use some soap and water to give the brush a good cleaning or it will come out on other products. Or, use a dedicated brush just for the shimmer.

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Makeup to Bring Out a Tan

If you have a nice summer tan from your last weekend of summer over Labor Day, you should change your eyeshadow to really bring it out. Hopefully you were wearing sunscreen to avoid too much of a tan, but a little bit of color is probably unavoidable, so let’s make the most of what you do have.

A dark smokey eyeshadow look is not recommended when you have a nice tan. Instead, try a very bright light shimmery almost whitish color. Cover the whole lid with this. Then try a brownish color just inside the socket crease, and a very thin line of the brown under the eyes. Apply a little of the shimmery color toward the inside of the eyes as well. This will really make your eyes pop.

Peach colors for your cheeks and your lips will go well if you have a summer tan. Try a nice gloss on the lips with a peachy color, and even a little shimmer.

These tips will make your features contrast nicely with your tan. Be sure to double up on the moisturizer since your skin is likely to be try when you have been in the sun.

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Smokey Eyes Makeup Tip

I found a great video that demonstrates how to create a smokey eyes effect using three makeup brushes and three eyeshadow colors. Listen carefully to which brush he is using at each step. The “window wiper” application is very effective!

Three brushes: smudge brush, blender brush, flat shadow brush
Three eye shadow colors: Dark, light, and medium tone (use black for the dark)
You will also need an eyeliner pencil.

The only thing I don’t recommend is the way the makeup artist is pulling and stretching the model’s face to apply the makeup. That kind of treatment to her skin will end up causing more wrinkles in the long run. It’s not necessary to do in order to get this effect. Be gentle on your skin, especially around your eyes. Skin is made to stretch, but be reasonable if you want to preserve what youth you have left!

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