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Makeup to Bring Out a Tan

If you have a nice summer tan from your last weekend of summer over Labor Day, you should change your eyeshadow to really bring it out. Hopefully you were wearing sunscreen to avoid too much of a tan, but a little bit of color is probably unavoidable, so let’s make the most of what you do have.

A dark smokey eyeshadow look is not recommended when you have a nice tan. Instead, try a very bright light shimmery almost whitish color. Cover the whole lid with this. Then try a brownish color just inside the socket crease, and a very thin line of the brown under the eyes. Apply a little of the shimmery color toward the inside of the eyes as well. This will really make your eyes pop.

Peach colors for your cheeks and your lips will go well if you have a summer tan. Try a nice gloss on the lips with a peachy color, and even a little shimmer.

These tips will make your features contrast nicely with your tan. Be sure to double up on the moisturizer since your skin is likely to be try when you have been in the sun.

September 10, 2008   Comments Off

Beauty Tips Editor
Laurel Smith