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Your Big Day

It’s a day that everyone wants to look amazing  –  that day where nothing less than perfect will be accepted.  You want to be noticed and stand out. More than that, you want to be the one who shines brighter than the rest throughout the room.

Your hair will be the most difficult, yet the most cared after,  part of you today.   Depending on your personal style, you will want it either perfectly straight or in a very pretty arrangement.  Think of it as the crown on your head; if it looks good, you will look good.

However, your pre-day rituals will be just as important.  Washing your hair and cleaning yourself in general will be very helpful to your presentation.  If you look clean and fresh, nothing can stand in your way.

When you walk across the room, you want to present yourself in a way that makes heads turn.  You want to be the star.  If you take care of yourself properly,  and your owner puts in all the work, winning the dog show will be a piece of cake!

(Happy April Fool’s, everyone!)

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April 1, 2010   Comments Off

Tip: Removing Dark Hair Color Stain from Your Skin

Have you ever been to the hair salon and had your hair colored a dark color, only to come home with parts of your skin dyed to match your hair? Occasionally the color stains your temples, or the skin near the hairline, and it is very difficult to remove. You could always wait a week or so for it to naturally wear off, but who wants to look like they have permanent dirt on their face or neck?!

I have found a new use for a household product that will remove hair color stains from your skin. It’s the Mr. Clean “Magic Eraser”. It’s a white sponge-like product that is great for removing dirt from walls and appliances. Who knew it could work on your skin too!

Scrubbing your temples to death with a washcloth will only make your skin red and will not likely remove hair dye stain. But the Magic Eraser works wonders where modern ordinary washcloths fail.

Be very careful not to “scrub”, or you will end up removing some skin and end up with red painful blotches. Just wet the sponge and use a gentle circular motion on the area you are trying to clean. The color should gently come off. Rubbing harder will not increase the effect, so don’t go overboard. Once you have removed that hair dye stain from your skin, you’ll just look like your gorgeous self, instead of looking like “I just came from the salon and had my roots dyed”. It’s like magic.

March 24, 2010   1 Comment

Straight Sexy Hair

Straight Sexy Hair using Smooth & Seal spray for your hair. My hair stylist first introduced me to this product. He and another stylist were actually fighting over the last bottle of this product in the salon that day. He always used it on me, but I just didn’t realize how fabulous it was until we almost had a cat fight at the beauty salon!

This isn’t a traditional “hair spray”, although you do spray it on your hair. I have naturally wavy (sometimes frizzy!) hair, but I love to wear it smooth and straight most of the time. This stuff makes it shine and it also makes my flat iron glide right through my hair without pulling or sticking.

It works best for me if I blow dry my hair until it’s about 80% dry, then spray it with this product, and then flat iron it. At that point it is usually completely dry and gorgeous. Another plus is that it also seems to take care of the static problem that dry straight hair can often have, especially in the winter.

February 17, 2010   1 Comment

How to talk to your Hair Stylist

How many times have you left your hair salon with a hair style that you’ll never be able to recreate at home? Or worse, have you ever returned home to realize that your hair cut is not at all what you wanted?

First, Speak up before you get started!

Don’t let your hair stylist talk you into something you really don’t want. Mine frequently wants to thin my hair. Personally I like my hair thicker. It’s a personal preference. I believe my stylist has a personal preference for thinner hair. Well, he doesn’t have to look at it every day — I do. On a couple of occasions, I have let him thin it a little and I agree that it looks ok, but once or twice I let him just have his way with my hair and ended up hating it for a long time until it grew back.

Second, Have some idea of what you want before you get there. If you have no idea, your stylist will have no choice but to come up with something on the spot, which may not fit your lifestyle as well as you would like.

Finally, really communicate with your stylist. I have found that if I really talk to him about what I want and make sure that he really understands, then I always walk away happy. This is why I am a repeat customer. Know what you like and don’t be afraid to ask for it. Your stylist wants your business, and therefore he wants you to be happy with your hair!

December 2, 2009   Comments Off

Oil for Your Hair

Oil FOR your hair?! Yes! Seriously!

This Moroccan Oil was recommended to me by my hair stylist. I got it at the salon. If you have dry hair, color treated hair, or hair that you regularly heat treat (with a hair dryer or flat iron), then you could probably benefit from this hair oil. All that treatment tends to dry your hair, and even shampoo removes it’s natural oils which were intended to protect it. This will replenish it.

I just put a small amount in the palm of my hand and rub it on my palms and then gently rub my hands throughout my hair after I have shampooed it. I was surprised at how fast my hair actually dries and it feels shiny and thicker. It works great when using the flat iron on my hair too and smells fantastic.

It is somewhat expensive, however, you really do not need very much for each application and it does come in smaller trial-size sample vials that are much less expensive. So, definitely look for the smaller bottle the first time you try it. Although, if you’re like most people who have tried this, you’ll love it and continue using it (check out the reviews on the product page from other users who rave about it).

This is definitely a new product that I will be using for a long time to come.

November 25, 2009   Comments Off

How to do Hair Wraps

Here’s a fun idea for a little beauty accent for your hair. This works best for long hair, but medium lengths work well too.

Take two different colors of embroidery thread and cut it to a length about three times the length of your hair. Next pull a very tiny strand of hair away from your other hair, up near your part line, but at least an inch or probably two from your forehead. Lay the two threads together to make it a double thread, and then place them behind the hair strand so that there is now a strand on either side of the hair.

Now braid the threads and the hair. The thread acts as two strands and the hair as one. The result will be that the thread will weave itself around the hair in an interesting pattern. Do it tightly so that it will not slip off. Tie it off just before you reach the ends of your hair. Choose colors that will match your outfit, and wear your hair loose or in a pony tail. Your hair wrap will last for several days, and you can even wash your hair without having to redo it. Just be careful when brushing your hair and hold it up so that you don’t pull it.

October 14, 2009   Comments Off

Summer Hair Tips

How can you keep your hair looking great in the summer?

Be sure to rinse your hair if you have been swimming a lot in a chlorinated pool. The chlorine does a lot of damage if it’s left in your hair for long periods.

Wear a hat to protect your hair from the sun if you are spending a lot of time out doors. If you are not wearing a hat, you should also wear sunscreen along the part of your hair to protect your scalp from the sun. Scalp sun burn causes dry flaking skin that has a dandruff appearance that you want to avoid at all costs!

If your hair is getting really dry from the summer sun, or pool water, you may need a deep conditioning treatment. You can easily heat condition your hair with no extra products needed. Coat your hair in conditioner, but do not rinse it. Come it out and put it up in a clip on the back of your head and wear it outside. The summer heat will help infuse the conditioner into your hair shaft and give it a deep conditioning. Follow up with a good rinse and style as usual.

May 27, 2009   Comments Off

Make Professional Hair Color Last Longer

Do you pay a lot of money every month at the hair dresser to color your hair, mostly to cover your gray? You can space out those routine colorings a little longer by using a quick catch-up product in between colorings when your roots are showing. You can buy a beauty hair product made just for touching up your color. These products blend really well and work great!

The main problem is that the roots show along your part. The touch up color comes with a small brush and a tiny packet of hair color to use along the part. The brush is a lot like the one used by your professional hair dresser. The result is that you can often hide your gray roots for an additional 2-3 weeks and stretch out visits, although in the end, there is no substitute for your professional when it comes to long lasting color for your hair!

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Flat Iron Tips for Hair

The flat iron has done wonderful things for hair styles since it became popular a few years ago. It smooths hair and makes it shiny and flowing. Those of us who have moderately wavey hair benefit the most from a flat iron. There are several tips and tricks you can use to get the most out of your flat iron.

First, make sure you have invested in a good one. It’s tempting to get a cheaper one, but trust me when I say it will not last very long and it really won’t work as well as a more moderately priced one. Even those will wear out after a year or two of heavy use.

Use it on freshly washed hair that is mostly dry, but not entirely. The long strands of hair should be about 80% dry and will steam out nicely when straightened. Be sure the hair near the roots is very dry or you’ll risk burning your scalp from the steam.

Separate out small sections of hair that are as wide as your iron, but only an inch thick across the scalp. Run the iron over each section twice, and at a different angle each time in order to insure that you smooth the hair cuticle on all sides.

There are several products you can use on your hair to help straighten it as well. Some work to put moisture into your hair, and others are spray on products that help neutralize the ions that cause static and add sheen. If you use these kinds of products on your hair before you iron it, be sure to wipe the iron clean after each use. That will ensure that your hair slides easily through the plates for the next use and will help minimize breakage.

If you iron your hair every day, it’s probably a good idea to give your hair a rest occasionally. And be sure to keep your hair in good condition by getting it trimmed regularly.

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Hair Dryer Tip

To find the best hair dryer, try a beauty supply store or a specialty store. You’ll find much better hair dryers with higher wattage than are available at discount stores or drug stores where most people buy them. A better hair dryer with at least 1500 watts can save you a lot of time getting your hair dry more quickly and with a better result with more shine. The pros will agree!

November 12, 2008   Comments Off

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