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Red Lips for Everyone

There really is a red lipstick for every woman. The secret is in the undertones, not in the color itself. For example, a Fire Engine red will look best on skin tones with warm complexions like olive skin. A cherry red will look better on women with cooler skin tones such as fair skin. Dark complexions have more options and can pick just about any color of red.

In general, fair skin looks good in true pinks or nudes. You should avoid brown. Medium complexions should try a more rose shade. You can go toward peach as well, and when you go red, look for more burgundy. Olive skin is flattered most by shades that include a little brown in them. Avoid pinks.

Your lipstick should work with your skin and hair color, not your outfit. Don’t match it to your new shirt, or a shade that happens to look great on someone else. It may not work well for you. Top it off with a glossy finish. And remember, if you use a lip liner, it should NEVER be darker than your lipstick. It should match the shade of your mouth.

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Keep Your Lips Moist!

Dry winter air can be especially hard on your lips, and it gets worse during the night while you sleep. Wake up with soft lips that are more receptive to retaining lip color by moisturizing them before you go to sleep. Even something as simple as a chapstick can help retain moisture while you sleep. Be sure to use a night cream or face moisturizer on the skin around your lips to help prevent those crevasses that start to form around your lips as you get older. You know the ones – the ones that collect lipstick on older ladies and bleed up into the cracks.

You can also use a humidifier in your bedroom to help combat the dry air. Make sure you drink plenty of water during the day to keep your body hydrated overall. Be sure to use a lip protection with sunscreen in it as well.

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Choosing a Lipstick for your Pig

Choosing the right color lipstick for your pig is not as easy as it may seem. Pig lipstick comes in many shades. So, where do you begin?

Start with the color of your pig’s complexion. If you have a pink pig, it’s easy — choose a very bright shade from the pink color family. Black pigs will look more lovely if you choose a shade from the red color family. Things become less clear when you have a dual or tri-colored pig such as those black and white pigs. You may want to stick with more neutral browns, peach or coral shades in that case.

Whatever you choose, your pig will now look lovely and will feel great knowing you care about her so much. You’ll boost her confidence like you can’t imagine. Mwah!!!

(Happy April Fool’s Day)

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