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A Mascara Secret

Applying mascara has always been a simple thing.  You brush it on in one or two layers, and then go about the rest of your makeup (or apply it at the end and move on to something else!).  Now, most of the time, when you search out mascara tips, you get the basic.  How do I stop clumping?  Where did all of the other tips go?  What no one tells you is that there is a way to make your lashes look extra long and gorgeous.

As you start your makeup, apply one coat of mascara.  This is usually best done right after you apply your base foundation and powder.  Continue with your normal routine next.  Make yourself pretty with your eyeshadow, blush, lipstick and anything else you like!  Now here’s where it changes a bit.

Add another coat of mascara.  Yes, over the already dried coat.  It will add that extra sass to your lashes, and make them look even longer!  You may want to use an eyelash brush now to separate them and remove any clumping, but other than that, they should look amazing!

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My Daily Products: Mascara

My daily makeup routine includes Almay “one coat nourishing mascara”. I prefer the “thickening” variety, in the color black.

I have tried a lot of different mascaras over the years, but I always seem to come back to this one. It has never let me down. I am a contact lens wearer, so my mascara brand is very important. This one does not flake off, it’s easy to apply, and it really makes my lashes look thicker. I usually only need one coat to get the effect I want, which lives up to it’s name!

It’s easy to wash off with soap and water. I don’t normally wear the waterproof one since it’s much harder to remove. This one will run if I get really wet (like surfing!), but it’s not too bad if I’m just crying at a beautiful wedding.

It’s super comfortable, very affordable, and gives me the look I want. I have been using it for many years and will continue.

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How to Use and Eyelash Curler

Some people have eyelashes that tend to grow point out away from your face. You can really make your eyelashes look fuller if you curl them up. They will show more of the eyelash, and really open up your eyes to enhance them. It’s actually very simple to use an eyelash curler. Here’s how to use it:

Apply all your other eye makeup first, such as your eyeliner and eye shadow. Then, with your lashes still bare, you will use the eyelash curler. Open the mouth of lash curler and insert your top eyelashes. Carefully close down on the mouth until it clamps the eyelashes as close to your lid as you can get. Be very careful not to pinch your eyelid. If you feel any pain at all, then you are probably pinching your eye lid.

Rest the handle of the lash curler against your cheek being very careful not to bump it or move your hand. You may even want to rest your elbow on the counter. Do whatever is necessary to be very still so that you do not risk pulling out some of your eyelashes.

Hold the eyelashes closed in the curler for about 5-8 seconds. Then carefully open it up and release your eyelashes. They should be sufficiently curled, but you may want to repeat it once more to get the full effect. The bottom lashes will not work in a lash curler.

Finally, after you have curled them, you can apply your mascara to both the top and bottom lashes. Now, you can go bat those beautiful eyes and look gorgeous!

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How to Apply False Eyelashes

Here’s a video of a girl showing how to apply false eyelashes to your eyelid. Basically she recommends putting on your eyeliner and mascara first, then applying the glue to the false eyelash. Once it is tacky (sticky), then you can apply it to your eyelid. She finishes it with another swipe of eyeliner for a finished look. Pay careful attention to the instructions she gives for using tweezers to help apply the glue to the lashes and for repositioning the lashes at the corners.


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Speed Beauty

Suppose you have been at the beach all day basking in the sun and sand. You have a hot date but are late getting back to your hotel because of traffic problems or you just couldn’t find your car! Now you have less than 15 minutes to change clothes and make yourself presentable, otherwise you will be late and lose your dinner reservation. There is not really time to shower. What do you do?!

Believe it or not, there is time for a quick presto change-o rinse in the shower before you throw on your clothes, although probably not enough time to actually wash your hair, unless you have a wash-n-go style that you can default to. If you do, then go for it, otherwise, give your body a quick rinse so you’ll feel fresh.

What makeup items are critical?

The answer is: Eyeliner, mascara and powder!

That powder will soak up all the oil and sunscreen to give your skin that fresh matte look. This is definitely easier to do in the summer when you may have a little more color on your skin. Reapply your mascara and eyeliner, then you can freshen your lipstick in the car on the way to the restaurant, because like most beauty conscious babes, you probably keep lipstick in your purse.

Now you’re ready to go! Enjoy your dinner date!

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Makeup Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

Choose contact lens-friendly makeup, especially mascara. Some mascara has small fibers in it to make lashes longer, but they can really irritate your lenses. Generally waterproof mascara is difficult to use with contacts as well.

Begin your makeup routine by putting in your contacts first, and then applying makeup. This will keep you from accidentally messing up all your makeup, and it will also allow you to see better while you are doing it!

Always remove your contacts first, before removing your makeup at the end of the day. This will keep your lenses clean and your eyes comfortable while you are washing your eyes with a gentle cleanser or makeup removing pads.

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Mascara Tips – How to apply it!

Learning to apply mascara takes time and practice. Recently I’ve helped a young teen and new makeup-wearer learn to apply her mascara. She found it awkward at first. The biggest difficulty was applying it to the lower lashes she said. Here are a few tips for applying it:

For the lower lashes, the trick here is to brush it more sideways onto the lashes than brushing in the direction they grow. If you do that, you end up getting mascara all over your cheeks.

Put eyeshadow and eyeliner on first, and the mascara on last to avoid powdered eyeshadow falling onto the lashes.

Don’t just comb the lashes, wiggle the brush right at the base of the lashes to give them good coverage.

Don’t let any skin show between your lashes and your liner. Smudge the line to fill in the gap if needed.

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Quick Summer Pool Makeup Tips

If you’re heading to the pool for an afternoon, you want to look as fabulous as ever, and you don’t want to end up with raccoon eyes as your mascara and other makeup runs down your face from pool water, or just sweat even if you’re not swimming!

Start by keeping makeup at the pool to a minimum, but that doesn’t mean you have to go bare faced. Skip the foundation and the blush. Use a waterproof eye pencil and mascara. Next, use some all day lip color that will not wash off in the water. These all day lip colors are the greatest beauty invention ever, in my book! A beautiful lady never goes anywhere without at LEAST her lipstick! Above all, be sure to put your sunscreen on before you leave the house because even a few minutes of sun exposure on your skin can cause permanent damage that adds up over time. Do not make the common mistake of waiting until you get to the pool to apply your sunscreen.

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The Search for the Perfect Mascara – Part 2

The perfect mascara will depend on your needs – you might want huge eyelashes; at other times you might want something more subtle; you may also be looking for a waterproof mascara for the holidays. It is important to bear all of these factors in mind during your search, and to know that it is unlikely you will find one magic brush to match all of these needs.

For an everyday mascara to create a tidy, yet subtle effect, I choose Max Factor Masterpiece mascara. It brings perfect definition every time and in truth I was amazed when I first found a mascara with this brush design. I have seen many others since then, but I have stuck to what I know. I also found that Max Factor’s Masterpiece Max was a perfect step-up from their original Masterpiece, to create a thicker look yet still not overdone.

There are, of course, those nights out when I just want my eyes to look as dark and as thick as they possibly can. We all want to make an impact at times, and mascara is a great way to do this. On these occasions I tend to use Benefit’s Bad Gal which does what it says on the tin. It isn’t meant to be nice and subtle – but bold and obvious! As for the waterproof, I have found simple is best – cheap and cheerful classic waterproof mascara from Maybelline was all I needed.

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The Search for the Perfect Mascara

Most girls consider mascara an integral piece in their makeup bag. It can do so much – on a basic level it lengthens and defines our lashes but it also does that work to make us feel more sexy, beautiful and confident.

When I was younger I often went for the cheapest brand of mascara I could find. This often consisted of mascaras that came free with magazines (until I realized there’s a reason they were free!) or mascaras from makeup boxes I had been given as a gift. The most extravagant mascara I used to own was usually the store brand offering from the local pharmacy.

Back in those days I was fine with what I had. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t too bothered about the quality – it seemed to be more about quantity and making my eyes look as dark as possible. But there comes a day when every girl starts to be able to afford the make-up she really wants, yet finding out what that might be is more of a challenge.

Often, it’s easy to go for the most expensive and well-packaged mascara that just must be able to work miracles for the price they’re charging. Not the case! Of course, price can mean a lot when it comes to looking for makeup, but it isn’t everything. Often brands will bump up the price just because they can put a famous name to the product, but speaking from personal experience this does not always work out for the shopper.

Continue reading next week to see what I chose….

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