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Eyelash Curler Tips

When using and eyelash curler, remember to be gentle! Too many girls think that squeezing that thing as tight as they can on their eyelashes will give them a better curl. Patience will give you a good curl, not strength. Squeezing it too tight will only wear out the rubber cushion on the eyelash curler sooner, and will most likely damage some of your eyelashes causing them to fall out prematurely. Your objective is to look like you have more eyelashes, not lose them in the process.

Your eyelashes will curl best before you put the mascara on. If you curl them after the mascara, it can stick to the curler resulting in more lost lashes. It also wears out the pad more quickly. Try several squeezes on the lashes starting closest to the lid and moving out just a tad until you are at the center of the lashes. This can curl them up much more than just one application. Some people like to warm up the lash curler with the hair dryer for a few seconds so it’s like a hot curling iron. If you try this, be careful not to burn your eyelid.

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Mascara Tips

When applying mascara, try jiggling the brush deep into the lashes before pulling it through. This will help you get more mascara around the lashes with fewer pulls, and will get it on more evenly. You may even be able to use fewer coats if you do it this way.

Another handy makeup tip is to use a water “resistant” mascara if you are facing a situation where water might be involved — exercise, beach fun, teary weddings, etc. A water resistant product is easier to remove than a water proof mascara and is more likely to be part of a regular routine because of that. Water resistant mascaras tend to stay on better and flake off less throughout the day as well.

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