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Pedicures For Men, or From Men

My boyfriend showed up at my house on the morning of my birthday and told me to get my shoes because he was taking me out for a birthday pedicure! I loved it! What a great gift and a special treat, especially because I do not regularly get a professional pedicure. If your guy is looking for gift ideas for your birthday – this is a great idea! And just as interesting was that the technician happened to be a man too.

What made it even more special was that he decided to get a pedicure right along side me. And believe me, his feet were in serious need of some TLC. He is a runner, so his feet regularly take a pounding and rarely leave his athletic shoes. It takes a special guy to put himself through a “beauty treatment”, but more and more men are doing this all the time. I loved that his nails look clean and healthier and the rough spots on his feet are now softer.

It makes for playing “footsie” with him even sweeter.

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French Pedicure at Home

There is nothing more indulging than a professional manicure or pedicure! Not everyone can afford this kind of luxury, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve one! A French manicure is such a lovely treat on your toes. It makes your nails look super-healthy because the tips are white and the nailbeds are pink.

You can do this at home if you practice enough, although some agility and flexibility is necessary since you need to be able to reach your own toes! You need two bottles of polish – white and a peach or pink tone. You’ll also need a small paint brush and some nail polish remover.

Start by cleaning off all old polish. Next use the white and carefully paint at least two layers on the tips of your nails. Don’t worry about being extremely neat at this point. You will then clean up the line with your paint brush dipped in some nail polish remover. Don’t expect it to just all clean up at once, you may have to brush over it several times.

Finally, apply the pink/flesh tone color. You can paint it right over the white, OR you can paint it on sideways (it won’t show the lines when it dries). Then polish off the whole thing with a clear coat over all of it to make it last. With enough practice, you will be able to do a nice French Pedicure at home

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Toe Nail Polish Tips

If you can’t afford the luxury of a professional pedicure, you can still pamper yourself! Or get some girlfriends together and have a pedicure party! Think about the things that professionals do to your feet to make them nice.

Start by soaking them in some warm soapy water for a few minutes. You can do this just by soaking in a nice hot bath for a while – another plus to doing it at home! When you get out of the tub, it’s time to exfoliate. Scrub the areas of dry thick skin on your feet and make them soft. Then slather on some lotion and be sure to work it into your cuticles.

Once the lotion has been absorbed, you are ready to start. Trim back hanging cuticles, and trim and file the nails. Discolorations can be buffed out with a nail buffer.

Before adding any color, begin with a clear base coat. This will help prevent discoloration of your nails from darker polish. Dark polish has a bad tendency to turn your nails yellow, so don’t skip this step! Add a couple coats of your polish, and be sure to let it dry thoroughly in between coats. Apply the coats quickly so they don’t go on too thick which will cause drying problems down the line.

Finally, add a top clear coat. This will make the manicure last a long time. If you need touch ups every few days, then add them. A good pedicure should last at least 2-3 weeks.

February 18, 2009   1 Comment

Nail Polish Tip – Clear Top Coat or not?

My daughter actually did a science project on this topic last year. She painted her nails with two coats of polish and then added a clear coat to the top. Each day we took pictures and recorded the number of chips in her polish. She did it again without the clear coat. Then she repeated the whole process for a total of three times.

The results were very conclusive — the manicure with the clear coat lasted almost twice as long as the one without. It also looked shinier and better overall for a longer time period.

So, the results are in — Take the extra few minutes to put on the top coat of nail polish!

October 15, 2008   1 Comment

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