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Before Bedtime Beauty Tips

“I’m just too tired to worry about skin care.. or anything at all!” How many times in your life have you thought something similar? I thought so. When you get tired, you simply don’t want to worry about any of those little old beauty issues. It’s easy to fall back on, especially after a long day at work. If we were able to convince ourselves to at least do one or two simple things before heading to bed, our skin would begin to adore us.

First, no matter how tired you are, you should always wash your face. Getting off all of that makeup really helps out your skin. It lets it breathe, which is never a bad thing! All it takes is a few minutes in the bathroom, a bit of warm water, and a hint of gentle soap. You don’t even have to use a fancy scrub or wash (though I encourage you to, if you have the time!) to do the job.

Second, a moisturizing cream should take a place next to your bed. As you climb into your comfy covers and get ready to lay down, just grab that cream and massage it into your face. No need to get out of bed for this one! It will make your skin feel incredibly soft by the morning, which will feel like a special treat, considering that you didn’t even have to move from your bed to make it happen.

In exchange for just a few minutes before you head to that wonderful dreamland, your skin will reward you with feeling better than it has in awhile. So the next time you’re ready to crash without doing anything, just remember how fast and easy it will be.

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Clear Skin on a Budget

When you think about clearing up your skin, for most people, it immediately brings to mind things like Proactiv or expensive acne treatments. Some people spend years of their lives trying to find something that will give them that silky smooth complexion that they crave. Surprisingly though, it may be more than within your reach.

St. Ives is a product that you have probably seen in the store. More than likely, you may have dismissed it as something cheap and ineffective. You can even find it hiding in some dollar stores! The great thing about St. Ives though, is that they make something of a miracle cream — their apricot scrub. It doesn’t sound like much, but if you make sure to get it in a blackhead specific formula, it will help clear your face up in no time.

If you just can’t stand to spend money on a product, wash your face each day in the morning and at night. Make sure all of your makeup is off before you head to bed. This will help keep your pores clean, and prevent things from popping up! A gentle soap can help you in this process.

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Glowing Skin

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to just glow, even when the sun isn’t hitting them? It’s as though they have their own personal sunbeam that follows them around! They have a gorgeous glow on their cheeks, and luckily, it can be yours.

Most of the steps you will need to take are ones that you will need to work on each and every day, even when not wearing makeup. Each morning and night, wash your face, and remember to exfoliate about once every week. Easy! Also, remember to put on a layer of sunscreen when you head outside to protect your precious skin from the harsh sunlight.

Each night, remember to get enough sleep. It sounds too easy to be true, but it really works! Sleeping truly helps your skin rejuvenate itself. Keeping stress down and leaving pimples alone are also good fixes.

If you keep up a healthy skin routine like this for a few weeks, you will quickly begin to see results. That beautiful glow can be yours!

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Upper Lip Hair

Having extra hair anywhere can be very embarrassing for women, and the upper lip is no exception. It is ingrained into us that women should not have facial hair, but it is actually a natural thing in that area! Despite it being natural though, most of us hate its appearance. We have the options of getting rid of it or hiding it available to us, luckily.

Hiding that extra hair can often be the easiest of solutions. You can head to any store and pick up a facial hair bleach kit. Using it will lighten up the hair so that it is barely visible or not visible at all. It is a simple and painless solution, so it is definitely a top choice!

On the other hand, if you want to completely get rid of it, a wax kit may be more up your alley. Though a bit more painful, it is still a simple solution. You put the wax on, and then pull it off — just like you would your legs! This will remove the hair for awhile. Alternatively, if you don’t like the pain of waxing, you can try a cream that will remove it for you. Make sure to get one specifically for the face, though! Shaving is not recommended.

And of course there is the permanent solution of laser hair removal.  It will only work on very dark har, since blonde or gray hair will not be affected by the laser.  This is a permanent solution, but it involves several treatments that are expensive and somewhat painful.

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Dry Skin vs. Makeup

Having dry skin can be beyond annoying, and can make it very hard to pick out makeup.  People often wonder what they can use to make their skin look good, or if it will ever look good again! Dry skin is definitely bothersome, but surprise! Your skin, even if dry, can look model-beautiful in no time.

While most skin types should avoid oil based makeup, people with dry skin should flock towards it as though there is no other makeup type in the world.  Water-based works just as well. Basically, as long as you are not using a powder for concealer or foundation, your skin will appreciate it. Creams do wonders for that dryness.

But what can you do to prevent it from staying so dry? Easy; exfoliate and take good care of your skin. It needs daily attention, so simply working at it once or twice a week isn’t good enough. Wash it daily, exfoliate at least once a week, and remember to sleep enough.

After a few weeks of treating your skin in the way it deserves, you won’t even have to worry about picking out makeup specifically for it.

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Makeup for Pale Skin

Many people are very fond of tanning or simply being out in the sun; but that isn’t the case for everyone! Throughout the world, a very pale skin tone is loved by a large chunk of the population. What those people don’t think about though, is that most makeup is not made for such a fair color. Very bright or dark colors can easily look ridiculous.

The first step is finding a foundation that matches your skin. This will be the hardest task that you face, because most tend to be a bit too yellow or shades too dark. Even the lightest ivory shade might be too dark! Cover up your foundation with a translucent powder and double check the colors to make sure your skin looks evenly colored.

Once your base is finished, the rest is quite a bit easier! If you are a fan of blush, a light pink will give you a very pretty rose-like glow. This will add a perfect freshness to your face. Light eyeshadow mixed with a simple shaded gloss can do wonders for pale skin, and don’t forget the mascara!

When you are finished, you should have a very classic and beautiful look. Pale skin has never looked better!

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My Favorite Wrinkle Cream

In the never ending search for the perfect miracle cream to stop these wrinkles, I am currently using Loreal “Advanced Revitalift Anti-wrinkle concentrate“. I have not been using it very long, so the jury is still out on this product for me as to whether I will continue to purchase it in the future or not.

From what I have learned so far, it does make my skin feel very silky and not gummy like many other moisturizers. It does seem to produce some toning to my skin as well. I wish I could say that it has erased my wrinkles, but I think it will truly take a real miracle to do that. Either a miracle or something more drastic like surgery, which I am not exactly keen on doing. My vanity has not gone there yet!

The Revitalift cream comes in a very handy tube, which I really like, as opposed to those awkward jars that most creams come packaged in. This should make it easy for travel.

So, while I wait to see if it truly has wondrous effects, I do know that I already like it better than most other similar products I have tried. I wonder if others will have the same beauty results.

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Sunglasses will Preserve your Beauty!

Sunglasses will help you in many ways, besides the obvious of just looking good in your shades!

It’s not a good idea to apply sunscreen on your eyelids or very close to your eyes since it can cause irritation in your eyes themselves. So, you need some way to protect this very delicate skin. Eye shadow can help to block some UV rays, but in direct sunlight, you really need much more than that.

Proper UV sunglasses will actually shield the skin around your eyes from UV radiation, which is what causes most sun damage in the first place. Even more importantly, sun glasses will help prevent you from squinting in bright outdoor light which is what can give you those age-telling “crow’s feet”. Continued squinting causes more wrinkles than almost anything next to smoking, or sun damage.

Not only will sun glasses help preserve the skin around your eyes, but you can certainly take that fashion step that makes you look good wearing them!

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More Shaving Tips

There are lots of things you can do to improve your results when you shave your legs to make them beautiful.

First, consider safety. Do not share razors with anyone. Use a clean razor and maintain it well. Change the blades as often as recommended. Shave on clean freshly washed skin to avoid infection and reduce irritation. Another thing that is important is to be careful not to “over shave”, by running your razor over the same area over and over (especially your armpits).

Us a moisturizer or other lubricant such as shaving cream or gel when shaving your legs. Use a gentle upward motion going against the direction of the hair growth to get the closest shave. Be careful if you have a habit of propping up your leg on the side of the shower so that you can avoid accidents.

When shaving your bikini area, and have a tendency to get those awful red bumps as a result of shaving there are several things you can do. Try using an electric razor that doesn’t shave quite so close. Or, there are several products you can use such as “Zero Bumps” that you can apply immediately after shaving to calm down irritated sensitive skin and ovoid the bumps. Keep other bikini hair trimmed as well.

If you want to avoid shaving all together, you can consider laser hair removal, but it only works on dark hair (forget blonde or gray hairs), and it can be expensive.

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Girl Scout Beauty Tips

On a recent trip with a group Girl Scouts, I found that even younger girls (middle school age) have some beauty tips they are happy to share. Here is a list of suggestions that they gave me:

  • Less is more! (regarding makeup)
  • Chapstick is the greatest thing since Girl Scout Cookies.
  • Get in the habit of wearing sunscreen from an early age to keep your skin looking young when you become an adult
  • Exercise and eat right and you won’t need makeup!
  • A Girl Scout bandana is a perfect solution for bed head
  • Get your beauty sleep!
  • Grooming is very important – brush your hair! Don’t let tangles build up. Keep it in a pony tail if you are active
  • Personal hygiene – brush your teeth for a pretty smile and avoid dragon breath!
  • Get your hair trimmed regularly to cut off split ends and keep your hair healthy
  • Eat fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Wash your face every evening and in the morning with a mild soap
  • Use acne medications like Clearasil, Proactive, or Stridex

Most of all, love yourself and let your inner beauty shine through!

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