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Halloween Makeup Tips  by

spider web eye shadowHalloween is a perfect time to go all out on your makeup. You can really experiment and no feel self conscious about trying a new and daring look. Here are some cute ideas for the holiday including spider web eyes, vampire makeup, mummy, zombie and super hero makeup:

Spider web eyeshadow

Here's a cute look for a Halloween party! Do a smoky eye and then draw on webs with your eyeliner. Use a black eyeliner on your lower lid as well.   Finish off with a thick coat of mascara or false eyelashes!

You can also draw the webs out onto your forehead and cheeks. Use THICK eyelashes to almost make your lashes look like furry spiders themselves.  You can also draw a small spider onto your face to really give arachnophobics the creeps.
spider web eyeshadow

Vampire Makeup Tips

If you have a tiny vampire in your house, you can make him or her rule the night with their look. Start with a pale base. Be sure to go down the neck and the ears.  Use a dark pencil, black or brown depending on the hair color of your vampire, to add a widow's peak. If you color the hair black using a can of temporary hair color, then use a black pencil for the widow's peak.  For the eyes, use dark eyeliner to make an extended or exaggerated cat-eye look. Add smoky shadows and highlight the brow with a dark red eyeshadow that will match the lips.  For the lips, use a blood red lip paint. 

Draw on white "fangs" with a pencil and outline them with a black eyeliner or black pencil.   This look will actually work well for a boy or a girl, although I would use a little less eyeliner on a boy.

Vampire makeup for girls for Halloween


Mummy Makeup Tips

Mummy makeup for Halloween Don't get stuck in "black" mode just because you think you need wrinkles. Mummies are quite yellowed since they are aged.  Use a lot of brown eyeshadow or brown tinted face paint to sink the eyes. 

Use a brown eyeliner to add wrinkles.  The wrinkles will look more authentic if you ask your subject to wrinkle his face and then draw in the lines along the natural places on the face that have creases. In other words, accentuate the creases that are already there.

Black tooth wax finishes the look, and really changes your appearance.  This tooth wax is cheap (usually less than $1) and is easy to use. Dry your teeth with a napkin then smear it on. It will stay on until you wipe it off as long as you don't eat.  It will not stain your teeth, so don't worry!


Zombie Makeup Tips - How to do makeup like a Zombie

female zombie makeup for womenAgain, don't get stuck thinking you can only use black makeup to make shadows for a zombie. Use purple and red underneath your eyes to start. Then go for greens, greys and even blue for bruising. Since you are trying to look like the living dead, do not start your look with your usual eyeliner and mascara.  You would be surprised how sickly you can appear when you don't have your usual eye makeup! You might feel naked without it, but trush me, a good zombie look does not include eyes that "pop". Instead, your eyes should sink back into your head.   And of course no zombie look is complete without a lot of fake blood. 

Read more to see my complete list of zombie makeup tips.

Makeup for Super Heroines

Super heroines really have a chance to do some exotic makeup. You are a work of art. Use bright eyeshadow colors and a lot of liner to draw in details. Long false eyelashes are almost a must!  Read more of my detailed super heroine makeup tips!
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