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Nail Art Ideas by

Nothing gives you a chance to express your creativity regarding your own beauty more than your nails. These are some nail art designs that we have tried recently. Most of these are great designs for younger women and teens. There is almost no limit to what you can do with your nails when it comes to nail art.  Most of these designs will work for short nails or long nails. 

Take your time and do a good job with some detailed nail polish brushes or with a dotting tool.  If you don't have a dotting tool for details you can make one easily by sticking a straight pin into the eraser of a pencil. Then just dip the head of the pin into your nail polish while holding the pencil to create nail art details.  There are also many products you can buy that have detail brushes, or nail art pens that work like a paint pen.  The best thing you can do for your nail art is to always cover it with a good coat of clear top coat which will make your manicure last a lot longer without chipping the polish and ruining your design. When you need more ideas, come back here since this page will be updated regularly.  Be sure to "like" me on facebook to see new designs as they are posted.

M&M candy nail art
M&M Nail Art
This candy coated nail art design will make your mouth water. They are easy to do.
Make your own stickers nail art
Make Your Own Nail Decals
Use tape and nailpolish to create your own decals.
cow print nail art
Cow Print Nail Design
cupcake nails
Cupcake Nails
Sailor Nail art
Sailor Nails
These are a little tricky to do if you want to get the stripes looking right. Please read more for the detailed instructions
Mermaid nails
Mermaid Nails
These are easier to do than you would think.
Tuxedo nails
Tuxedo Nail Design
Confetti nail art
Confetti Nail Art
Where's Waldo nail art
Where's Waldo nail art
Striped nail art
Easter nail art done with a Sharpie pen
Pac Man nail art design
Pac Man nail art. Waka Waka
tiger stripes nail art
Pink Tiger Stripes 
These were done using aa bottle of nail art polish, which has a very thin brush made specifically for doing nail art designs.
Nail art with stickers
Tie Dye Nails
These nails were done using easy stickers from Salley Hansen Salon effects. They work really well, were easy to use, and last a long time espeically if you cover them with a clear coat of polish to make them harder.
sewing nail art
Sewn Nail Art
Chilled sliced potatoes can reduce eye bag puffiness, and look how cute these "sewn" nails are. Use a Sharpie pen to create this effect.
mustache nails
Mustache Nails




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