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more Virtual Makeovers...
My personal commentary on my new looks! (cont. from page 1)
Here's a real attempt at a virtual makeover, except that I don't look very different. This is a little bit what my real life hair looks like, except for the flip ends at the bottom. My real hair is longer than this now.  I tend to wear my makeup like this in real life too.
If I didn't know better, I'd think this makeover had me looking at a picture of my mother from 1966! She would have worn a pale pink lipstick though, at least, that's how she looks in some old photos I have of her. I do love those pointy  cat glasses though. :-)
OK, so this virtual makeover is really scary. No, this is not my "mother" or "grandmother" make-over. Maybe it's just my "Old lady teacher" look. My hair is gray in this picture, but I still have the face of a late 20-something year old. If ONLY I really could look this good when I'm 80.
This is some sort of Monica Lewinsky makeover. I think my beret is the wrong color though. And I need to gain a few pounds to really have her look.  This is not a good look for me. Even with my French ancestry, I am not looking good in this getup.  Perhaps the lipstick is a tad too orange, or maybe the hair is just too flat. 

More than anything, I think the length of the hair at my chin just seems to make my face look fatter for some reason.

This makeover would be a great look for me if I were trying to hide from the Paparazzi. I am almost unrecognizable here. In this makeover, I have on very little makeup, except for some pale pink on the cheeks, and some huge 1970's vintage looking sunglasses.  The blue hard hat is what really throws people. 
Umm, yeah, this would be a great makeover if I were about 14 years old, or a pop star. At least the lipstick coodinates with the hair. Too bad my lips still look so thin.
Ummmm, ok. Even if this hair weren't pink, this makeover look would never be right. I'm also wearing way too much makeup, especially the blue eyeshadow. The eyeliner is also way too heavy under the eyes. I'm not sure who would really wear hair like this, unless that's what I look like when I toss my hair up in a clip before heading out to the grocery store. Not working for me at all...


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